This season of television watching is proving to be an interesting time. not only do we have totaly favourites back but there are a number of new shows that seem to be excellent in their attention-grabbing quality.
Some returning favourites of mine are:

The Office – I can’t wait to see how Jim and Pam finally, if ever, get together! This show has given me so many actually out loud laughs that I can’t stay away, even when Steve Carrell’s charater annoys me so much.

Gilmore Girls – Yes I know, a girly show like to the max, but with such a cliff-hanger left at the en of last season I had to tune in to see how the fast-talking, mother/daughter duo cope with this season’s new troubles.

Lost – Though this show has not started yet, I haven’t given up on the mysteries that keep piling up. Who the heck are “The Others”? Where the heck are they all stranded? What’s with the “button”? The arctic? Whaaaaat???

Grey’s Anatomy – After A summer of catching up on season’s 1 and 2 of this new-ish medical dramady I must say, it has caught my attention more than any other doctor show. Yes, I loved ER for years but if this one show can have me crying at almost every episode and in love with several of the main characters, then garsh, it’s a hit for me!

Battlestar Galactica – Yes, yes, yes, I do realize that only geeky young boys or men who live with their mothers and have a collection of star trek dolls watch this show. However, I am a sci-fi geek to the core and I must say this show is almost my all-time favourite show of all -time…yeah. October 6th, THIS FRIDAY is when the new season starts, and though I was thoroughly shocked and almost disappointed with how the season ended I really am hooked to see what happens between the captive humans and the humanlike toasters.

Some NEW shows that I have already seen and am keeping on my trusty downloading RSS feed for further viewing are:

Heroes – New show on Monday nights about a handful of ordinary people who discover they have unsual abilities. A cheerleader finds out her body quickly heals whether from a broken bone, fire or jumping off a bridge to the ground below. A Japanese man finds he can bend time and space and even teleport himself. So far the story intriuges me and there is already a sinister antagonist who is close to one of these unusual people.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – An interesting “show-within-a-show” as we see how a Saturday night Live-type TV show is almost ruined by the on-air tirade of it’s long time head honcho and swept into new fame by a young female network executive and two new writer/producers. I am so glad to see Matthew Perry in something that so far is excellent. The writing is fast and witty and with skits called “Crazy Christians” the show couldn’t BE any more controversial and funny!

Ugly Betty – Only one episode has aired so far, but already I’m interested in this comedy so like the recent movie The Devil Wears Prada with a dash of humour from another of my favourites America’s Next Top Model. A sweet, but fashion-challened young woman manages to get a job as an assistant to a fashion magazines new Editor and Chief. Their relationship begins horribly as he treats her like dirt to get her to quit so he can hire a more…attractive and attentive assistant. He goes a bit too far and succeeds in pushing Betty out but realizes how much he actually needs her and her new ideas. Aw so sweet, mush, mush, but I must admist, I laughed and felt empathy for poor, poncho-wearing Betty. I’ll keep watching for now.