I love the rain.
I love the cool, bright glow from rainclouds.
I love how rain sounds as it pat tap tap pats on my shoulder.
I love the wet grass.
I love how rain collects in trees and then falls in bigger, louder drops.
I love how rain makes the once dark and dead streets and into a brilliant, new reflective surface, alive with lights, colour and movement.
I love the smell of the rain on plants, concrete and soil.
I love how the sound of rain can whisper gently or drown out every other noise as it plummets down.
I love umbrellas and how such a simple, little piece of material and metal can shield us from the rain, keeping us dry in a wet world.
But I love rain on my face and hair.
I love the cold drops on my arms.
I even love how the rain makes tiny, sparkling dots like decorations on my glasses and window.
I love the coolness of a rainy season.
I love rain and how it makes me feel like everything is clean, like I can start again.
I love the rain.