The minutes and days streak by when I’m busy and can’t think of what to write.

I went to Skate Canada a week ago with my lovely mom. All the colours, costumes, sounds, tastes and experiences being part of that crowd were delightful! I couldn’t have enjoyed an event more! Watching competitive skating live is so very different from watching it comfortably at home where you have commercials, you can loudly discuss the skaters’ tight spandex and where you can put on any type of clothes and be comfy – sweats, pjs etc. Watching it in the area, in a packed crowd where every Ooo and Ahh and Awww is a shared emotion, where the clapping is contagious and the people in your row get to know who has weak bladders, is an extremely positive and wonderful experience! My palms felt raw just after the first of our two-day tickets as the enthusiastic and exuberant lady beside me started up applause for almost every move every skater either accomplished or attempted. She exclaimed an audible Yes! at big jumps and truly disappointed Awwws! at falls or trips. She forced me to up my ante and add just as much (but no more) excitement to my reactions. And, of course, the snacks were yummy! Fries, hot dog and popcorn, oh my! Kudos to the concession staff! The arena seats, though not too uncomfortable, are quite closely packed together but we found our neighbours considerate and non-annoying or smelly. Yay! Skating = fun times!

Other TTK World Events and Happenings include, but are not limited to:
– The Beginnings of (shock) Christmas Shopping!
– Visit from my sister and her husband
– Realization that I just don’t fit anywhere at the moment (I mean within any social circles – I meander on the outskirts and scavenge what fun I can from the scraps of the vicious predatory creatures that keep consuming and regurgitating my…basically, I’m a relational hyena!)

– and an Unsuccessful Showdown with a furry critter who should pay rent if he chooses to live in my house!!! Ug!!