Yes, yes, I know alliteration is blasé, boring and better left behind, but as my title suggests I want to talk about my Christmas, show you some more snow photos and about my search for a home.

First of all – my Christmas holiday was fab-u-lous! I had a wonderful time with family and friends! We laughed, we relaxed, we ate (oh my, did we eat some lovely delicacies!) and we opened presents! Santa was ever so goooood to me! He even delivered a brand new guitar in a really cool and apparently indestructible case! How fun! I’ll have to pull out my beginners chord book and relearn a thing or two.

One aspect of Christmas time that my family always loves to participate in is decorating – the house, the lights, the villages, the tree…oh my.

Here are a few photos of my tree, the lights in my living room and my miniature Christmas village.

My Village without a flash:

Village with flash, so you can see some details…

Here are a few photos of my house after the big snowfall a while ago:

I also wanted to update anyone who happens to read my blog that I am still in search of a suite to rent. The house I am renting is being sold so so and my little dog are in need of a 1 bedroom suite for rent for February or March 1st. If you know of anywhere, please send me a message. I would greatly appreciate it!
And hey, does anyone want to buy a cheap but nice comfy double bed or recliner?
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Thanks! Have a peachy week!