Again with the alliteration, can’t escape it!

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I visit those blogs regularly to keep up with you all!

Anyway, this week I sold a few more items that I need to get rid of before I move. The green chair and ottoman, 2 small fish tanks and my 33 gallon aquarium (sniff – it leaked but it was my fav!).
I also put a few more items up on my kitchen table and 6 chairs, a loveseat/hideabed, few more small fish tanks and some cool Ikea brand DVD shelves. If you know anyone who is interested in any of these items, e-mail or call me asap.
I also have an awesome patio set that I need to sell. I’ll take photos and post it on usedvic tomorrow. It has a big frosted glass table and six bendy/rocking style chairs each with big chair pads.
The packing is going okay. Thanks to the people who gave me excellent boxes! I have waaaay too much stuff so I am sorting and getting rid of what I don’t really need or don’t have room for.
Tonight I went to White Spot for dinner with my dad. I love their BC Burger! It’s just too bad it took so long and our fries were barely warm…sheesh. Ah well. We enjoyed it.
That’s all for now folks!

PS – I realize my blog is probably not as fun as all you mommies or mommies-to-be out there, with cute photos of babies or the crazy cute things your kids do.
I’ll try to keep mine interesting!

Here are the couple things I have for sale…any takers??????