Yes, everyone, rejoice with me! I have now moved into my new home! Yay!
(I still have some cleaning to do at the old place, but I’m not thinking about that until Saturday.)
Yes, I am in my new digs and even though I am surrounded by piles of boxes and I can’t find anything yet, I am happy!
My place is so very cute! Stained glass window accents, little nooks and cute little windows in unexpected corners, a wonderful big stone fireplace with a huge wooden mantle, quite a bit of closet space (and I’ll need it all!), gardens all around my windows, one block from the ocean, wonderful neighborhood to walk in…! I can’t believe it! Plus my landlord upstairs is super nice! I mentioned maybe installing another electrical outlet for my computer, since there are very few outlets and none near my desk, he did it right away yesterday!! Wow!
It has only been a two days but so far Sophie and I have enjoyed lovely walks to see the sun setting or rising. All the houses in the area are ready to burst with flower blooms. Ahhh, so excited!!
I will take some photos when my house does not look like it got hit over the head by a packing fairy. Boxes and paper and boxes, oh my!!

On a side note, I just wanted to say that I really love reading all your blogs (all you friends, near and far). I love hearing about your kids or your projects or your thoughts about who is lame, your movie recommendations and your clothing or hair experiments….all of it!
I love reading it all! Keep it up!!

PS – This is me…on my…uh…cell phone…yeah, it’s new. Ask Meg, she knows!!