You know, I really thought I was being all wonderfully organized by having everything, and I mean everything, packed up in boxes all ready for my move. I wrote on every box whether it was bedroom, living room, kitchen, dishes, desk, etc etc. However, I SHOULD have also taken the extra moment to actually write on the box exactly WHAT was in them!! I am now mid-unpacking and cannot seem to find ANYTHING! Arg! How lame! I have lamps but no light bulbs. I have a wonderful fireplace but no lighters or matches, I have 2 out of the 6 of my favourite drinking glasses…and so on and so forth. The other nightmare was last night I went to the old house to pack up my big fish tank to bring over. That in itself is a huge undertaking, but it so happened that the owner was ripping out the bathroom so all the water was shut off. I mean, no big deal, really, just that I was planning on cleaning everything at the old house before I brought it into my new clean place with no bathtub to wash stuff. Ah well.
The tank was drained, the fish all caught and bagged and I headed home with a CAR FULL of fish stuff; the tank, boxes of bagged fishies, boxes of fish maintenance stuff, buckets full of icky gravel….and my dog, Sophie, who, other that sticking to me like glue and being a bit whiny lately from all the moving, behaved very well and got a cookie once we got home.
Well the after a few hours of cleaning and setting up the industrial shelves (did you know 1 gallon of water = 10 lbs!! That means my 25 gallon tank is 250 lbs PLUS the 2 inches of gravel covering the bottoms!! Yowzah!!) I finally got the aquarium and all its’ inhabitants settled. And it looks…glorious, I must say!! All shiny and clean! All the fish are fighting for the prime hiding spots! One I get more batteries for my camera I will snap a photo.
THEN I must tell you that I was on such an unpacking kick that I began to unpack the stacks of boxes in my bedroom! And I do mean stacks!! They basically block in my bed so that I’ve been rolling out of the end of my bed every morning and I needed to get my clothes all organized so I can find them and stop living out of one meager suitcase.
As my unpacking adrenaline coursed through me I popped in the dvd I’d been watching while I set up my aquarium, Pride and Prejudice (my desk and computer are in my bedroom) and began the massive undertaking of unpacking the boxes in my bedroom.

I unpacked and put away and flattened boxes…..

until 3 am rolled around and I was nearly done!!! I still have a few more to go, books and Misc boxes (who knows what’s in them!) but I’m almost done!!! I got my tall paper Ikea lamp set up (found the bulbs) and my little bedside table and clothes all put away! Magnificent! I paused the dvd, which due to the title and content was still going on and on about “losing one’s good opinion” and “fair prospects”, crawled into bed and was fast into my little 4 hours of sleep, dreaming of Mr. Darcy’s intense gaze, before I had to get up again.
I’m am feeling quite well so far this morning, but my father tells me around 2 pm my colossal tiredness will hit me and I fear I may crash!

PS – Is anyone moving soon and in need of boxes??? I have loads that are terrific!! Let me know!
PPS – OH and I finally sold my table and chairs last night! I got way less than I had hoped for but I was very glad to be rid of them.