that I have not posted in a while…..
While true, I will take this opportunity to say……neither have some of you! There. Now that we’ve established that I’m not the only blog-slacker…

I’ve slowly been getting my home sorted out, unpacked and tidied….slowly.
Last weekend my parents really helped me a bunch by helping me unpack some more boxes and taking away all my cardboard boxes and paper.
I’ve been settling in and enjoying my neighbourhood immensely!!!
The crocuses are all out, purple, yellow, white, the daffodils are bursting and even some tulips are showing some colour. The trees that line my street and all those surrounding are all light pink cherry trees that are just beginning to open their delicate little pink flowers!

This isn’t really in focus but you get the idea. So dainty and pretty!

Sophie and I have discovered (after my dad’s common sense suggestion) another beach to walk to that is even closer than the place we’ve been walking everyday. This new beach is sandy and even has a dog park above it.

The sunsets and morning sunrises are so beautiful here! And the other day it was so windy and cold, but so invigorating to walk in and to watch the waves crashing up on the rocks! Have I mentioned I love the ocean!?!

This doesn’t really look too stormy, but I assure you the waves were a-crashing!

One more funny picture….a few houses away, we always pass these two houses with little faerie doors on trees in front of their houses. This is one….it’s cute but kind of tacky and silly. The other one is more simple and sweet. I’ll have to snap a pic of that one, too.

Well, I hope you all have a great week!
Keep updating your blogs, I check them all, really I do. I may not comment too often, but i love reading about your kids, your projects, your family and friends and your adventures!!

PS – Did I mention that all these photos were taken with my new phone?
Not too bad, eh?! I’m still working on getting the shots clear and not blurry, but it’s hard with Sophie tugging on my wrist (via her leash) for us to keep walking.