and started watching the ever-so seemingly popular “One Tree Hill”.
Yes. I caved. I bought in to the shocking gasps at my proclamations that no, I have never seen even the slightest moment or an episode.
Season One has finished downloading and I just completed watching Season One, Episode One….
my thoughts –
Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) is ever-so dreamy! Hmmm, perhaps not dreamy, but probably the utter fantasy of ever high school girl alive, not to mention the complete flashback fantasy for all us elderly, post-educational institute females! I mean, dang, he’s cute! And a jock that not only looks hot but loves to read Shakespeare and sticks up for his mom…sheesh! I’d marry him tonight if he were a few years older….and real.
I only have the first episode under my belt so please do not fill me in on anything pertaining to story lines or even hints at what is to come. I realize I have a heck of a lot to catch up on, but I guess I would be willing to sit through many more hours of gazing on that lovely handsome face and wish I was back in high school (as someone else entirely, of course…don’t we all?).
I am enjoying the conundrum Lucas faces of plunging into a whole new world of jocks and cheerleaders, of teams and personal vendettas, not to mention the obvious future dilemma of possibly having to choose over his best bud and gal-pal over the interestingly different cheerleader. Hmmm, how will it all play out? Will Nathan and Lucas ever feel like brothers, let a lone like friends or even teammates? Will Dan ever own up to his role as Lucas’ father or will his uncle finally take on the role permanently by getting together with Lucas’ mom after all these years?
Only watching more episodes will tell me the answers to these burning questions….
Until next time, when I update you on the shocking revelations and more!
Or until next time when I will post something completely different!
Sweet Dreams!!