Sophie and I have been on many lovely walks lately since the weather has been so very nice.

We headed out last weekend in the evening and only intended to do our usual route down to the beach and back, but since the air was so warm and the sky so bright we kept going and saw so many beautiful flower, homes and sights!

Here are some wonderful big pink Rhododendrons.

Here was a small cute house with loads of tulips all in bloom.

Grape hyacinth and a few yellow tulips. I could tell that they also will have big roses come summer time.

Here is the side of the same cute house….tulips galore and later on this summer I know they have huge dahlias, my favourites!!!

Here is their little shed, all decked out in smooth beach rocks and on the roof they have live, growing daffodils and tulips!!!

They also had these weird and wonderful tulips they look almost like roses.

We had a little jaunt down the to ocean and admired the pretty clouds and orange-tinted sky.

We also found nearby an old Chinese cemeteryapparently this is where Chinese people were buried because during the Second World War bodies were not allowed to be transported back to China. Very peaceful right on the coast with rolling in below.

We hiked up to a high point and took a few shots of the surrounding neighbourhoods. A really beautiful spot and we could see almost all the way around.

On the way home we spotted a few pretty gardens with vibrant colours.

And this is the Camellia bush/tree outside MY house! So huge and pink and pretty!!! It stands about 12 feet high!

Close-up of the Camellia blossoms.

Lastly, I went for a drive in the countryside with my parents and we found a mansion-like home with these huge cherry blossom trees all lining their property! So pretty!