Have you ever had a weird sleep pattern for a while?
Either lots of sleep so you are over tired and cranky, or too little sleep so you are…um…over tired and cranky…wait that’s not a very good explanation…

What I mean is that sometimes our sleep patterns, for what ever reason, get out of whack and the results vary between affecting our moods, personality, feelings, and/or attitude, but what I want to talk about is how weird sleep habits affect our dreams!!

You see, lately, and by lately I mean over the past several months, I have been having really weird, vivid, colourful, crazy and sometimes disturbing dreams…not disturbing in a psycho-killer way, but odd images (like me rowing a boat and fishing for sharks with shoelaces) smashed together with daily, redundant things (like walking along a sidewalk with no shoes or feet on).
I have been waking up with a fuzzy head and feeling wary and weird as these images transition from solid, fast-paced video like imagery to faded, blurry figments.

I really don’t like this feeling.

I know we all dream, and I have remembered bits and pieces of dreams before, some odd and some bland, but these dreams of late are so wacky and so out there that not only do I remember them but I remember the emotions that went along with them.
Picture yourself standing on the top rail of a fence, a corral fence usually surrounding a pen of cows or horses, but this fence surrounds what looks like the Grand Canyon, but is much, much deeper, so deep that the bottom is black. Now also picture holding a child’s Nerf bat, bright orange in colour, and while carefully perched on this top rail, teetering on the brink of the biggest chasm ever, trying to swat some sort of large, cat-sized bugs that are swarming all around you head. And all the while doing this, you feel not scared at falling to your death, or angry that these bugs might bite you or tip you over, but you feel panicky…you MUST hit all the bugs or else your place on the fence will go to someone else.
The panic overwhelms you…hit the bugs…hit ALL the bugs….whoops, almost fell, but hit the bugs…..

Does that sound weird to you?
That’s just one of many examples of crazy dreams I’ve been having.
Others involve feeling sad that the colour green is gone, feeling despair that the noises you hear are not the ones you try to make with the large bottle-type object growing out of your hand, or feeling mad at the silent crowd of human-sized catfish that surround you in Times Square.


Maybe it’s just the time of year, or maybe a lack of good sleep but almost every night I have these crazy dreams, that later come back to me and the emotions that went with the images hit me like a slap on the cheek.

Whack! Memory o f weird feelings, weird images and actions……

No don’t worry, nothing yet has left me really disturbed or freaked out….the dream’s feelings and memories pass quickly and I am simply left to wonder, “Huh, what in the world was THAT dream about??”

They all seem so different, so wild and so full of a variety of emotions that I can’t see a distinct thread through them all; no message, no greater meaning. They just seem to be very vivid and memorable dreams.
Have you ever had weird dreams?