Heeeeere’s Sophie, galloping back to me after a nice romp on the beach with a few other dogs.

Oh our lovely summer days! Sophie and I have been having suck lovely walks now that she is back from her summer vacation at my sister’s house on the mainland.

And here is a wonderful garden near our house where the dahlias are the biggest I have ever seen! Wow!

On my day off this week, Sophie and I took a drive out to French Beach.
(Shantala and Dan’s camping trip there inspired me to go back to one of my childhood favourite places.)

The day was hot and calm, and there was barely anyone on the beach.

Here’s Sophie trying to drink the seawater…ew! Poor girl, I forgot to let her get a drink before we walked down the beach, so we walked back to the campground, ate our sandwich then I filled the ziploc bag with water (fresh) for her to gulp up.

Sophie resting after our long walks up and down the beach.
She was a trooper and navigated over all the rocks like a pro!

Me, taking a photo of…well me, and the ocean.

We’ve had a great summer so far and I look forward to many more lovely days at home or around town. Sophie and I both love walks and beaches so if you’re ever around, let me know, we’re always looking for people to go for walks with. 🙂