Okay so here is my drastic new change….the box said “warm chocolate brown”…. this, my friends, is more of a darkest, of the dark brown chocolate!!
Ah well, I enjoy a change now and then, and I was certainly due for one. In May, the night before Youth Convention I dyed my hair red-brown o top and brown underneath. I’ve been noticing my normal, medium brown roots showing through lately, so I decided to even out all my blah brown tones…..even out it did!! (My dad just walked in and called me “Elvira”…come on, it’s not that dark!! Not black….just the darkest brown you can get……)

Okay, on to the main even of this posting….Our stormy Saturday at French Beach.

I decided I really wanted a nice day at French Beach, a campfire, some hotdogs, some friends…so I spread the word and a few dear friends joined me in our adventure to beat and avoid the rain!

After some spitting moments in the parking lot, we braved the cooler day and started our driftwood fire, cooking our weird hotdogs and smokies and generally enjoying the company.

Our very weird, curly smokies!!

Trying to eat the aforementioned smokies….

Here comes the rain…”I give it about 10 minutes…”

And here comes the wind….and strange…face behaviour….

We quickly got out of there once the sky opened up and poured, but what a great day with friends! Thanks!!