A few random photos:

The rhododendrons in the courtyard where my parent’s live….so pretty, and I caught the sun at a really interesting focal point above the flowers.

Some interesting drawings that Shantala and I drew while waiting for our dinner one evening at Montana’s. This is her conception of a dragon’s face…very cool, quite horse-like which would be in keeping with one of our favourite authors, Anne McCaffery and her Dragonrider books.
My sketch of a dragon. Whenever I sketch, I am reminded of the very first Art lesson of grade four. Our Art teacher was the principal and he came in to show us how to sketch a scene with a cliff, not too unlike my dragon’s cliff below, but with the ocean and a boat below. For some reason that Art lesson always stuck out, maybe it was when I first really saw my own artwork look realistic instead of colouring in the pictures bought in some children’s colouring book.

I wish I could draw better than I do. I wish I had taken more Art lessons, or at least paid attention more in Art class all throughout my school years. Anything I ever drew or moulded or painted or created always felt a little juvenile, at least more so than the other ‘artists’ in the class.

I’ll admit that I feel that I am a creative person, but I think I can create in a more abstract way then realistic, like a sketch or drawing. I enjoy manipulating photos and images into something interesting and unique, I enjoy using colour and shapes and layout to create the few websites I maintain, and I love even taking photos, trying to capture that one image that pops out and awes someone, if only me.