Yes, yes, I know, it’s been ages since my last post! Bad me!

Here is a few quick updates and recommendations….
(caution…some spoilers…)

“The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory – awesome book with a historical look at one of the minor characters in the drama of King Henry the VIII. Excellent writing, indepth characters, twisting and surprising plot given we all know how most of the story ends.

“Jumper” by Steven Gould – I grabbed this book because I wanted to see the movie and thought I might like the back story first. The book is spectacular! I honestly foudn it difficult to stop reading every night. Though it plainly takes place pre-911, the anti-terrorist feel is well thought out and meshed well with the science-fiction aspects. Who wouldn’t want to be able to ‘jump’ from here to there in the flash of a second? I know I would!!

“Jumper” starring Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson and Samuel L. Jackson – After reading the book I knew the movie would probably be a bit more on the ‘entertaining’ side and void of all the personal character growth and development….I was correct in that assumption. Though the movie does keep some of the interesting and unique features of the novel, the rest of the plot and even added characters are purely Hollywood trying to make it’s money back. The teenaged backstory is non-existant in the novel as is the possiblity of other jumpers. Samuel L. Jackson played his role well even though he and his army of religious nutcase ‘others’ are not even in the book. Rachel Bilson is purely male ‘eye candy’ and, in my mind, ot at all right for the part. Hayden Christensen actually works for me in the main role of the scared young man who accidently discoveres his hidden talent. However, I did not like the quick transition his character made from poor runaway to rich and shallow theif, coveting all the latest gadgets and toys. This jumper is a far cry from the tortured and personable young man we see in the book.
I am impressed, though, with the autor’s own statement, read from his blog, that when people ask him how he can let anyone wreck his book he replies, they haven’t touched my book, it’s right there on the shelf, same as always. He knew that to make it into a movie some parts may change to make it more viewable to certain audiences, and he accepted that the movie and the book are not one in the same, but ideas branching out into very different mediums. A nice thought for once when a movie seems like a totally changed version of a great book.
Other Good/Entertaining Movies or DVDs I’ve seen lately:
~ Sweeney Tood: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Dark and witty!
~ Step Up 2: The Streets – Typical but awesome!
~ Fool’s Gold – Silly but fun!
~ Juno – Just plain brilliant!
~ Elizabeth: The Golden Age – Not as great as the first, but good!
~ Becoming Jane – Simple and romantic.
~ Resident Evil: Extinction – Great Zombie-killin’ time.
~ Eastern Promises – Intriguing but too short
~ Superbad – Funny but too gross in parts
“The Other Boleyn Girl” starring Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johanssen and Eric Bana – I don’t know yet, but perhaps I’ll tell you tomorrow….. 🙂
“Vantage Point” – Looks interesting….

A few other memorable events and happenings of late:

After years of little beater cars, 3 Sprints in total to be exact, I have finally ventured into the land of the grown-up and leased a brand new vehicle!
The experience was interesting yet daunting. After research on the best possible small car I decided to try out the 2008 Nissan Versa, a cute little hatchback that had great ratings everywhere I looked. It was small but very roomy inside, good trunk space, great features and good milage. My dad and I took one for a test drive with Alan, the friendly neighbourhood salesman, and I loved it! We went through the whole leasing process, which is not as easy as I had dreamed, but in the end I came out with a new cute, blue friend…..her name is “Serenity”! (no NOT from Seinfeld, but from a less-well know, and much better show called Firefly…watch it!)

The last event I will mention (after the car announcement since the person mentioned loved cars…) is the passing of a great and wonderful man in my life, Glenn Richmond. He went to live with our Heavenly Father this last Wednesday night after complications from a stroke.
Glenn was an extra-special person to me and my family. He was another grandfather figure, as close as my own, and we treasured him dearly.
We are now preparing for the funeral but in a warm, loving way, remembering all the funny stories and great moments we have shared with Glenn and all our families.
Thank-you Grandpa Glenn, for being a light in our lives, for living like we all should with God first and loveing all those around you. Thanks for all the laughs and happy times, thanks for the dedication you shared in youth ministry throughout the nation. Thank you for loving us and for praying for us. I know we will see you again one day and we will try to match your big heart here on earth. Love you!