You may have already seen or known about the spectacular DVD series from BBC called “Planet Earth” but I’m spreading the news anyway. Planet Earth is a collection of the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring and amazing images and video I have ever seen!

I have only watched a few episodes so far, with titles such as “From Pole to Pole”, “Mountains” or “Ice Worlds” but I have already seen wondrous places, views and creatures that I can honestly say I have never seen or known about before!!

If you can, borrow or buy this series and show it to anyone who will watch it. I think every child would be amazed at the awesome animals and their behaviours and learn a lot from evrey moment. I also think every person who believes that God is our Creator should watch this series. I was humbled and filled with emotion as I viewed the vastness of what our God has made. Every intricate detail was thought of, every balance, every nuance, every whisker and wing was lovingly laid out with a purpose.

Enough talking from me. Have a look at some beautiful and crazy images from the few episodes I have watched so far:
Have you ever seen Elephants swim like little kids with snorkels? I’ve seen some cool waterfalls but some shown in this series are so much more amazing and beautiful than I could have imagined!
After watching a lot of Shark Week videos, I found the footage from Planet Earth to astound me even more! What a shot!
The elusive Snow Leopard has rarely, if ever, been caught on film and the crew from PE brings this quiet predator right into our homes.
Flocks and flocks and flocks….you have to see it to believe it!

The caves that PE explores are like part of some weird and wonderful fantasy world!

These African buffalo herds look like flocks of birds, darting and swarming, avoiding or heading towards landmarks. Simply amazing!
This laughable guy is actually a male bird in the Amazon trying to entice the brown female in the foreground! I could not believe the crazy plumage and dance these little avians show off!
No, this isn’t a scary stunt scene, it’s crazy cliff jumpers diving into some of the biggest and longest caves on earth. (Don’t worry, they have parachutes!)
Some of the film that PE manages to achieve is simply unthinkable! The tight spaces, the close proximity to wild animals….like this Giant Panda mother caring for her helpless tiny cub inside her den cave. How did they do it!
I also appreciate all the extras and bonus footage showcasing how they got a certain shot and the leaps and bounds they took with both technology and the methods used to attain such beautiful and stunning visions of our planet.
If you aren’t impressed yet, well then, tough luck finding anything more wonderful than this video experience. Watch it, and you’ll be amazed!