Springtime comes early in Victoria….cherry tree blossoms,
flowers and birds fill the air and sky with lovely signs of a wonderful season to come.

Mid-March and the blossoms are already falling like soft, unmelting snowflakes
even as more buds only begin to burst.
Other colourful flowers carpet the interesting rock gardens in my neighbourhood.
Off in the distance over Clover Point there is what looks like a small flock of birds…
on closer inspection it’s a tight cluster of aerobatic kites!
If you know me at all, you’ll know I love taking photos of Trial Island and all it’s different moods and backdrops. This day found it surrounded by billowy clouds with a sea bird resting in the foreground.

As I approached these blackberry canes I noticed some movement so snapped a quick photo. What I had captured was a big humming bird landing for a rest perched on the spiky branches.
I tried to slowly get closer, but the sweet bird scolded me with the most beautiful warbley trill I’d ever heard and promptly flew deeper into the brambles where he could hide.
Such dainty and pretty blossoms!
Oh and this little blue bird just happened to fly by!
Couldn’t resist! I love my new baby, “Serenity”!
(10 points for anyone who can tell me what she’s named after…
and NO it is not from a Seinfeldism.)