Campfire, ocean waves, good friends, beans and smores….mmmmm! What more could you want from a weekend away?!

This past Labour Day weekend a few friends and I headed up island to Tofino, my new favourite place, for a weekend of camping and relaxing. Jared picked up up in his big truck, Rommy chatted with Jared in the front and Meghan and I squished into the back with homemade muffins and cookies to keep us company. The drive was long but the company fun and entertaining. 

We set up our two tents in the dark with the sounds of the ocean rolling below on the beach. Luckily, no rain fell that first night, so in the morning, after I got up an went for a gorgeous walk on the beach, we ate some muffins and rigged up our tarps, just in case.

That day we explored the beach, played a little Bocce and enjoyed the afternoon sun on the beach. Supper around a campfire is the best! Hot dogs, chili and beans….with an encore of Smores! Mmm! And hot chocolate at every meal. 

We slept okay, wrapped tightly in our tents and sleeping bags and extra blankets….with the exception of the guys hearing a few bear-like noises in the night near the girls tent….ya…ahem.
Sunday we let the guys make breakfast of bacon and eggs and hash browns over the fire. 
There is nothing better than eating outside! 

The rain still stayed away and we enjoyed most of the sunny, warm day on the beach, chatting and napping and reading.

Monday we packed up and headed for home. The long drive went by quickly with the beautiful scenery and friendly chatter.

Camping, anywhere but especially in Tofino, is my new favourite thing! I’d go anytime!

Here are more photos from the weekend: