Well, a month and a half have past since I last posted, shame on me, I know. However a few fun events have happened in that space of time.

One of the most relaxing and fun times was my extended weekend trip over to visit my sister and her husband in Langley, followed by attending a huge concert event at GM Place. I also quite excited to visit the Vancouver Aquarium on my own before the concert. 

Our weekend was excellent! We shopped a bit here and there, I purchased a brand new white swirly bed at Ikea, and a few new bits of clothing. We also saw the movie “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, funny in parts but it could have done without the gross bits. 


The Vancouver Aquarium was amazing! Anyone who is close to me already knows that I love fish and aquariums in general, so a place with almost every kind and type of fish and tank along with dolphins sea otters and a baby beluga, is like Disneyland and winning the lottery all rolled into one…..okay, so maybe not quite *that* amazing!  But I did have a great day! I took tons of photos, and no, I won’t bore you with them too much, all here but you can go view them in my album on Facebook.

Most recently, my dear friend Crystal had her wedding this past Saturday, in which I was a bridesmaid all decked out in a red dress and fancy hair and shoes.

I guess I could first mention the fun parties we had for Crystal before her wedding. We had a lovely bridal shower held at GT, with lots of ladies in attendance. Crystal received so many wonderful gifts and we had a great spread of treats, too. We then had a lingerie party at Meghan’s house where we spoiled Crystal with lots of pretty undergarments to make her feel special and sexy!

The final event was a staggette/bachelorette DAY where we started by going on a horseback ride through the woods. I led the way on my horse, Starbucks, since he would have nipped all the girl horses’ butts if he was in behind. We had a few near upsets with Katie’s horse spooking in the barn then Meghan’s freaking out and charging into the bushes. Everyone was kept safe, though, and we had a great time. 

We then heading a few directions to get all fancied up for a night on the town. We had created a scavenger hunt of sorts for Crystal and we followed her as she tried to answer all the questions by asking strangers on the street for their best in-law joke or bachelors for their marriage advice (we even had a few bachelors try and goad us into partying with them later!). Crystal soon finished the quiz (wow!) and figured out from the final riddle where we were headed for a fancy dinner at Vista 18 at the top of the Chateau Victoria Hotel. I had never been up there before and the view and the food were top notch!!

All of these events finally culminated in one of the most fun and beautiful weddings I have ever been a part of! 
The day was cool but not rainy and all the girls spent a relaxing morning getting ready at Crystal’s house with hair and make-up provided by wonderful stylists. After a scenic ride to the Olympic View Golf Course in our white limo, the ceremony went swimmingly!! The room was so pretty and full of light from the huge windows and full of love from all the close family and friends gathered!! I loved our floral arrangements and all the red/burgundy decorations! We then had a few photos taken outside near a fountain while guests snacked on a few refreshments in the ballroom. The air was certainly chilly but everyone gave such warm hugs and kind congratulatory words that we all felt rosy! 

The reception was full of touching, funny and uplifting toasts and speeches, along with deeeelicious food and lots of laughter and tears. We finally bade the newly wed Crystal and Derek farewell (after I caught the bouquet, of course!) and all headed home for the night.

I do love weddings, and this is only the second wedding I’ve ever been a part of. They are so full of love and cheer and warm feelings that you can’t help but be uplifted and feel light-hearted. 

Click HERE to view all my wedding photos posted on Facebook.

This past weekend was also our church’s 85th Anniversary with a bit of a celebration including plenty of cake and a commemorative video/slideshow that I put together last week. I always think I could do so much better, but i do feel the project turned out okay, after many very late nights getting it ready on a weekend where my Friday and Saturday was already taken up by wedding rehearsals and ceremonies.

We also gathered together with family and a few friends to take part in a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. 

I love, love, loooove turkey dinner with my mom’s stuffing and veggies and pumpkin pie! So good! We had a great evening around our table chatting and enjoying a great dinner! 
Thanks Mom!!