I rented two movies this weekend and both were worth a quick mention.

The first was a UK film based on and starring the cast from a play called “History Boys”.
A witty, intelligent and fast-banter movie, with a great cast and emotional twists. We follow a handful of senior-level boys from non-privileged backgrounds who are bright enough to study hard and possibly get in to some of the top universities in the UK – notably Oxford and Cambridge. Their public school has devised a schedule with special classes totally geared towards helping them ace their entrance exams and interviews. However, the headmaster is bent on the simple task of getting them in, mostly to improve his school’s reputation, while some of the teachers argue that their learning should be more than a fixation on an exam, but more life learning, and lessons they will draw from throughout their lives instead of for one test.

(Although a great film, there is a teensy bit of slightly shocking content…ask me about it if you are concerned.)

The second movie I just fell in love with and I can bravely call it the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” of 2008 – a movie called, “Charlie Bartlett”.
Charlie is a teen from a wealthy family who has been kicked out from dozens of private schools and finally has to try public school. His drugged up, ditsy mother stays home playing tennis with their chauffeur, while Charlie tries to fit in to this new group of drama nuts, drug dealers, and popular jocks. He uses his ingenuity and quickly finds a way to give the students what they need – a listening ear…and a few prescriptions along the way.

I won’t ruin the movie for you, because I think you should all give “Charlie Bartlett” a try!!

I will say that the character of Charlie is played brilliantly with the perfect drop of naivety and humbleness that makes us just want to be his friend, too!

Find it. Rent it. And someone, please, find me a copy?