If you like British movies, or Masterpiece Theatre (not the famous Monsterpiece Theatre I remember as a child from Seasme Street) or Jane Austin or if you simply like an interesting story, here are two more movies to seek out.

“My Family and Other Animals” tells the innocent and humourous story set before WW2 of a British family who are sick of the cold rainy summer weather in England and decide to pack up and move to the Greek Island of Corfu for some time.
The sweet and slightly dotty widowed mother goes along with her spoiled children’s wishes and the family finds themselves loving the heat and the people and their new surroundings in a villa on Corfu.
The eldest son is a bohemian writer who invites his wild and weird friends to stay. The daughter is a sunbathing, bikini-wearing flirt who has the island boys crawling to sneak a peek at her. The next son is obsessed with hunting and shooting and continuously brings home all manner of game for supper.
The youngest of the family is the enthusiastic, nature-loving 12 year old boy Gerald. He makes himself right at home exploring, collecting animals and bugs to fill his menagerie of a room.
The film is a delightful romp with a strange but lovable family as they enjoy each other and their new home. The movie is based on Gerald Terrell’s writings, which is close to the truth as seen through the young boys’ eyes. 

Another wonderful story is Jane Austin’s “Northanger Abbey”.
In typical Austin way, this film touches on the subjects of love, money, parental rule vs child desires and much more. 
I found the characters engaging and likable and the plot had just enough mystery and turns for you not to know what might happen.
The male lead Henry reminded me of Jude Law and the female lead Catherine of a cuter Kate Beckinsale and both played their roles well.
The story follows a lower-state imaginative young woman who is escorted to Bath in the society of some wealthy family friends. There Catherine meets new people;  a social climbing woman with a slightly creepy brother, and a teasing but genteel young man with an endearing sister who could become an excellent best friend. There is also romance in the air but will the kind-hearted Catherine be able to stand up for what she wants, or will she be too polite to overcome the obstacles thrown in her way?

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