Are you a snow lover?
Do you smile when you look outside and see the floating flakes fall under the glowing streetlights? Do you sigh with contentment as you venture outside into the cold, white world all bundled up tight with boots and mitts and scarf?
Do you cringe at that squeaking crunch the packed snow makes under your boot, but joyfully kick up balls of snow as you trudge down a covered snowy sidewalk?
Do you love how the blanket of snow brightens up the dark winter, almost causing daylight at night as the white is reflected all around?

Are you, like me, in love with snow?

True, there are, many annoyances and drawbacks from s big or small snowfall.
There is the problem of driving, getting from A to B to C and back again, traveling somewhere for the holidays or even just to the mall to pick up those last-minute Christmas gifts. There is all the shoveling and clearing of walkways and sidewalks and driveways and windshields.

And yet some of the best experiences are snow days off from school or work, the crisp air on your face and the warmth of your home when you dis-bundle yourself and dry off and my favourite thing of all…how Christmas lights look under or covered by or surrounded by white snow. They seem to glow brighter, reflecting the reds and blues and greens on the clumps of white that cozy in next to the bulbs. Every light display seems to be enhanced or revved up because of the snow that adds that extra Christmasy touch to their show.

As you can tell, I love snow. I love it when I’m inside, and I love it when I’m outside. I may not like it all year around, but for what we get here in Victoria, I love every moment!
Thanks, snow, for falling this year!