Yes, yes, it is almost February…where did January go?

We had a sprinkling of snow, some rain, a visiting elephant seal to my neighbourhood, an awesome Narnia Winter Fest, I saw a few good movies, rented a few duds…and now it is soon February.
The month of Love.

I’m usually one who likes all the stereotypical Hallmark holidays…decorating and dressing up for whatever the occasion, but lately I’m beginning to have a new outlook on holidays and special occasions. I am realizing that instead of going overboard on the frills and gimmicks of the season, we should be paying attention to the daily little things. We should be constantly reminding our friends and loved ones of how much we appreciate each other. We should take time out to do something nice for someone else, not because it’s a special day or week, but because we truly care about them.

I know I am not the greatest for expressing how I feel sometimes, but I am going to try and make a conscious effort to share my appreciation for those around me. I’m going to try and compliment people more, have more patience and understanding and not get oversensitive and hurt over things that really don’t matter.

I’ve been working through some underlying issues with how I express myself and I know that my character needs a lot of fine tuning and delicate shaping. I have many regrets over things I haven’t said, things I have said, or ways I have acted that have hurt others, but I can only hope to learn from all those bumps in the road.

If any of my friends are reading this blog, both near and far, please know that I care about you. I appreciate you and all your talents and abilities. Whether I talk to you once a week or once a year, know that I wish the best for you, and if there is anything within my power to do for you, please let me know.

For those far away, I miss you and wish I could see you more often!
For those close by, let’s make some time to hang out again soon!

I cherish my friendships and hope those that call me a friend feel the same way. I know we can injure each other sometimes, but I sincerely hope that after some time we all can have the courage to mend what is broken and not give up on the years of trust, care and laughter that have built up into strong friendships.
I am always here to talk to if anyone needs a listening ear.

I am saying all this, not to sound like some great, together person, but a person under construction, trying my best to become the caring and loving woman that I know God wants me to be. I still have my faults but I know together as friends we can all learn from each other and be there for one another.

This was not a particular message to anyone just something I felt I needed to say, more for myself than for any of you. Yet I hope you who are reading know that I am trying my best to be there for my friends when they need me and to slowly chip away at the parts of me that are unpleasant.

Thanks for reading, I always love it when people leave me comments or feedback.