Today is one of the hardest days of my life.
This may be trivial to you, but when you’ve had a close friend for over 14 years and then watch them get sick and be in pain only to finally lose them, then you’ll know how I feel.

Today I had to decided that my dear, dear, beloved friend and companion had to go to sleep for one final time.

My little terrier mutt, Sophie fell asleep in my arms this morning after a she had gradually slowed down and her body quickly began to shut down.

She has been my cuddler, my feet-warmer, my walking buddy and most of all my confidant. I was never alone, she was always there ready to wag her scruffy tail and let me know she loved me.

Rest well dear Sophie, or should I say – Soph-ay-o, Sopha, Dr. Sophausen, Sophiekins, Bubba, Baby, Shmoopie……

May you forever romp in tall grasses, sniff every log, and find a nice comfy bed to curl up on.

You’ve been the best dog and friend I could have ever dreamed possible.