When obstacles like grief and loss are thrown in your path, life does, eventually, move on.
Slowly at first, the thoughts and memories of the one no longer in your life are raw and fresh. You still hear or see them; catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, yet they are gone.
And life moves on.
The time spent with family and friends, those close to you who know how to make you laugh and smile become your lifeline, the thread you hang on to to keep you from falling backwards into the sadness that threatens to overwhelm.
My life is slowly moving on.
Last weekend I escaped the city and my quiet house to go camping with a few friends up near Nanaimo. The campsite was busy, full of families and dogs, but he found a little corner of forest to relax, sit around the campfire and just get away.
Here are a few of my favourite images from the weekend:

Our crazy tents – Mine is on the right and Crystal and Derek’s is on the left….needless to say they bought the same tent as me the next day!

Crystal looking on while Derek tries to hook up the stove….love the grandma sweater!!

Us girls at the minigolf course.

Golfing Group shot.

Me, trying to hit my MINIgolf ball out of the rough!

Derek – sizing up the course.

Crystal shooting through the tunnel.

Meghan looking through the tunnel!

Rommy…enough said!

Group shot on the cool old wheel. We went for a walk on the hot Sunday afternoon and on the way back had a photo-shoot on this big relic.
Does anyone know what it is or what it was for??

Meghan and Rommy on our evening walk…loved the view from the river!

My first attempt at making baked potatoes in the fire…not too bad!

Sitting around the fire.

Derek shuffling for Sequence! Love it!

Awesome view!!

Table top.

The last night at our campsite…notice my new lantern that illuminated the whole site!

Final night…Crystal, Derek and I around the fire…I love campfires!!

If you’d like to see ALL of my photos…go to my Flickr Album Here.