Just a quick update with some photos
and a bit of video of my Westie puppy, Willow.

She was 6 months old on February 15th and is growing and learning fast and well!
She can sit, shake both paws, roll over, lie down, step nicely into her harness, walks well and loves to play with anyone or any dog!
Her favourite things right now are: ice cubes, vanilla yoghurt, my Dad, and Buddy, the Upstairs Dog.
She still is working on: not jumping up, coming when called (works almost every time!), staying on command and she is almost totally house-trained…only one or two slip ups this last month.

I love her to bits and she is a great little friend to have around!!

Almost 3 months old…exploring a basket.

She loves lying in front of the fireplace, soaking up the heat.

Posing on my bed.

I asked her to Sit so I could snap a photo and she curled up between my feet!

Sweet sleepy puppy.

Being silly and jumping up while I was trying to take a photo.

Sooooo dirty and muddy after a great playtime on Dallas Road with her doggy friends.

All white and fluffy after her bath!!

Sitting all cute waiting to go outside – 6 months old.

And here is a bit of video I had from the past few months. She keeps me pretty busy that I always forget to take my camera along with me for some new photos or video clips.
Watch for one of her regular Dallas Road friends, Trigger!