A few months have gone by and not a lot has changed.

My hair has grown a bit longer. I may have a few more freckles on my nose from a bit of spring sunshine that April brought. Willow, my puppy, has grown taller and stronger. And May has been full of blossoms, flowers and more rain than usual.
We had a great visit with my brother, Mike, his fiancee Darcy and her two cute boys Caleb and Noah. They are planning their wedding for here in Victoria in the Fall and I was happy to help and play with the boys!

My mom, sister and I had a fabulous time on our annual spa trip up to the Kingfisher, although this year we only stayed one night while my dad, Poppa, looked after Angie’s twin boys. What a great grandpa! The boys are growing like weeds and laughing and almost sitting up now. The twins were also dedicated at our church recently.

Last weekend I had an excellent camping trip with some friends up island. Yes, it rained a lot and the first night was wickedly cold but we just stoked the campfire, hung a few tarps and ate lots of hot dogs and beans! Have I mentioned it before that I love camping!? I miss the smokey campfire smell already.

I’ve seen quite a few great movies, and a few so-so ones lately, too.

On the good/great list:
The Book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, Green Zone, Ghost Writer, Imax: Hubble, Remember Me

Shutter Island, The Losers, Clash of the Titans, Iron Man 2

Here’s a few newer photos of my cute, fiesty little Willow.