Okay, it’s now been only 12 hours since I began my fast…and I am sliding down the slippery slope of weakening with mental hunger!

I know it’s mostly in my mind; the human body can last without solid food for quite a while, but it strikes me at how much I am actually just craving the ritual of going to the kitchen and getting something to eat. My feet have been trying to walk to the fridge and hands want to make something, open something, heat up something! Wow, I never realized it would be this difficult this early on! (Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Stop it, traitorous salivary glands!)

Yet, I am surviving. I’ve been enjoying some fruit juices and I warmed up some organic, low sodium vegetable broth this evening. I’ve been keeping myself busy, taking down all my Christmas decorations, organizing them, going through them all only keeping what I really love and actually used this year. I went down an entire box from what I usually have stored away.

I also went out to a few stores. I bought some new yarn to start that scarf-knitting project, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ll start that tomorrow. I picked up an assortment of juices and broth to try out and while I was out I also picked up a new little morale-booster friend – met my home’s newest addition “Samson” the Siamese Fighting Fish.

If you know me well you know that I used to be a bit, shall we say, obsessed with fish. At one point I had seven aquariums and about 6 of these little fellas on the side. Over the course of my last few house moves, I pared my tanks down to one, then when I got my puppy, Willow 2 years ago I sold my last tank to a nice family in the country…seriously.

I’ve been meaning to get another fish for a while and tonight seemed like the perfect time. Something else to keep my mind busy and a reminder every time I walk by him that God can give me the strength to do my best. (Because of his name, Samson…get it?) I’m sure there will be better photos of him once he settles into his new bachelor pad. Maybe I should get him a nice bamboo stalk with some leaves for shelter…hmm….

So here’s to Samson, my pretty little reminder and new pal – I raise my glass of delicious water to you!

(So, yeah, okay, I just read this post and maybe I’m going a little loopy with hunger already…ah well, it is what it is. Good-night!)