Well, so far, so good with my first two days of fasting. I’ve had a few weak moments and some angry hunger gremlins that seem to crawl right up my throat, but overall, I feel good and am doing well.

Every time I feel hungry or the urge to get something to eat I remind myself of why I am doing this. I remind myself that I can go without for once in my life. I remind myself that God is with me and He can let this experience bring me closer to Him. This afternoon I even took any hungry moment to stop and pray for someone in my family, taking my mind off myself.

As for what I am consuming to stay standing: lots of water, it’s easier at work where we have a nice cold filtered water jug, but I’ve also been drinking 100% (not from concentrate) pressed apple juice. Today I tried a V8 Blueberry with vegetables juice and I just could not trick my mind into drinking a whole glass. It somehow doesn’t taste right to me so later I might try it with a straw to fool myself that it’s a delicious smoothie.

My best find so far is Organic (low sodium) Vegetable and Chicken Broth. The Vegetable is okay, I added a bit of pepper, and the chicken is soothing; it’s so simple but nourishing and it feels so nice to have something warm. I may add pepper to it next time as it did lack much flavour, but afterall, flavour is not what I’m after. Mainly I just need it to be drinkable and palatable in as simple a way possible. I’ve also bought Mushroom Broth, and we’ll see how desperate I am later on this week to try it.

In the photo you can see a big V8 Vegetable juice jug…I have been too chicken to try it yet. I eventually will and I’m sure I will let you know what I think (and what my tastebuds do to me!). Hopefully it will just be another tool to keep me alive and kicking without making me gag. I have memories as a child of my mom dirnking tomato juice at supper with a little salt and pepper and I couldn’t imagine wanting to drink that! So, we’ll see!

I still have my doubts that I can last the full 8 days that I’ve committed to this liquid fast, but I’m taking it one piece of a day at a time…Morning, done, check! Afternoon…done, check! I am really glad to be writing all this down, my thoughts and feelings and the whole experience. This something so new to me that I don’t want to forget it, no matter how long I last this week.

Here is another photo of my new motivator friend, Samson. Most of the time he looks like he’s dead, half-floating near the surface. However, when I walk by or stop to look into his glass globe, he wiggles his fins and moves around a bit to prove to me he’s not yet a goner and I shouldn’t warm up the porcelain waterslide to the aquatic afterlife. He’s a very pretty puple/pink combination and I think I might just start calling him Samson the Magnificent.

Ta for now!