Thank-you to everyone who has encouraged me and sent me their love. I only ever want to use this blog as a place to encourage others and as a way to express myself.

Oh yes, it is Friday and I’m more than halfway done my 8 day fast!

I’m thanking God that my work week is ending and I can have some time tomorrow to possibly NAP!

My fast is still going strong, I’ve been tempted but still have held out on the solid foods. I think my brain and body have finally switched off the impulse feeling that I MUST EAT something. Yes, I still have hunger pangs and ’empty’ feeling moments, but they quickly pass as I drink some water and think bout something else.

The main issue I have been having for the past 2 days has been sleep. It’s taken me a long time to fall asleep lately and I wake up so very tired. I feel like I could fall asleep any moment of the day if I just put my head down to rest….Yet, God is helping me stay strong and close to Him.

My latest find has been Campbell’s Beef Broth. It’s great to be able to heat something up when I’ve been so chilled and tired. I also have just tried BoltHouse Farms juices, they aren’t clear juices but healthy and full of nutrients.

I’ve been enjoying some time with friends this week and I am now realizing how much we snack when we used to get together. And our snacking had become a bit on the bad side…candies and chips and other deliciously nasty things that were a waste of calories. I really truly hope that after this time of giving up food that I can control my impulses and chose more wisely what I want to snack on. I hope that I can make healthier choices and I know I will still continue to lean on God to help me in that area.

Today on my lunch hour I walked my feisty little dog, Willow, down on the beach. (see the above photo! Can you find the blue heron?) The weather is chilly but it feels so fresh and crisp. (I hope we at least get a few days of snow.)

Happy weekend everyone!