I am a poetry girl.

I love many forms of poetry but at the heart I am a lover of Shakespeare and other cleverly crafted texts.

(And no, I do not mean ‘texts’ that come to you via some sort of small hand-held electronic devices.)

I mean ‘texts’ that have been handed down, translated, spoken, hand-scribed, illuminated, decorated, performed, typed, published and treasured throughout history.

Of course, what I love are…Books!

I love a variety of books. Books that contain stories or poems, short or long.

Today I turned to two of my favourite poems, sonnets by William Shakespeare.

The first, #18, talks of comparing a love and how there is no comparison as the love is unchanging and unfading and will live forever in the immortal lines of the poem itself.

The second, #116, speaks of a more mature love that is steady and is not affected by death or time but true love is an unshakeable beacon.

Do you like poetry?

Do you like Shakespeare?

(Shakespeare Online is a great site where you can get a paraphrase of each sonnet and learn the meaning behind the words.)