“Where You Work”
February 22nd

– This is one of the views from where I work all day Sunday.
I get to see everything from a bird’s-eye view while  I control what goes up on 2-7 screens.
I pay attention to lyrics, create and present slides with announcements and verses or sermon notes and I get to pick what colours and visual videos are played.
It’s only a portion of what I do at work, but I always find it interesting and fun!
 “Your Shoes” 
February 23rd
– I was wearing my usual, nondescript black shoes to work today so instead I’m giving you a peak at my entire rack of shoes.
These are just the fall/winter/spring collection, with none of the summer pieces. I do love shoes and have a few pair too many of cute, fun runners or sneakers.
Toms, Converse and Sketchers are amoung my favs, along with the off Rocket Dog and simple cute flats.

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