Join me for a new series on my blog entitled “Dear Date…”
where I share my insights and anecdotes into the exciting and often frustrating world of dating.


I am 33, single and to top it all off, a Christian.


That sound you just heard was the dating ‘ocean’ shrinking considerably into a puddle-sized pool full of kooks, close-enough-to-be-relatives, and unfamiliars that I pray find me somehow, by some miracle.

It’s true, dating is difficult enough, but throw the monkey wrench of being a Christian into the mix and you really struggle to find someone to spend your senior years watching the Gaithers on ancient reruns and complaining that the worship music is too loud and fast.
Second problem: I’m not a church-hopper.
There are probably other single Christian men at other churches but I tend to stick to what I know and I always seem to be too involved in my own church on Sundays to venture forth into denominations unknown.
So, I am sticking to my long-time church and I am now past my 20s and heading quickly into my mid-gasp-30s with only a handful of men that I know who are still single and most likely Christian.
The only thing is, I know them too well.
They feel like distant cousins that I see at reunions where everything is too familiar and I’ve seen them either fly off the handle at some point or I know a little too much about things they’ve done.
So they are not in the picture.
Got it.
To the Internets!
Yes, I have tried my fast-typing fingers at Internet dating.
Many, many times.
If one more person asks me, “Hey, so-and-so met their spouse on eHarCafeMingleMatch, why don’t you sign up, too?” I think I just might take the closest keyboard and permanently embed it into their front right temple.
Seriously. I’ve tried it.
(Internet dating, not the keyboard thing!)

I’ve tried them all.

The free trials, the 3-month plans that are not as cheap at a year, yet cost me less in the long run.

I’m sure I’ll revel a few choice stories about my Internet Dating experience in future “Dear Date…” episodes, but just know, yes, it’s been tried.

However, today I wish to share a very simple concept I have recently learned via a new meet-up from one of said Internet Dating sites.


Today’s Lesson for any would-be Dates:
You.   Must.   Have.    A.    JOB.
I seriously don’t care what kind of job.

I do not want to hear about your plans for grad school that may or may not ever happen.

I do not want to hear about the ‘odd jobs’ you’ve done for relatives this week.

I want to hear that you have a steady job that you either love or hate or care less about.

I want to hear you actually work for a living.

IF on the very, very rare instance that you are so independently wealthy that you do not have to work…MARRY ME! 

Ok, but seriously, if you have oodles of cash or stocks or some other weird commodity that does not involve selling narcotics or people, and you don’t need to clock-in anywhere, I fully expect you would spend your days doing something…anything….volunteering, schooling, meetings, anything!

Bottom Line: First “Dear Date” Lesson…have a job.

Otherwise you are wasting my time.

This comes from real-life experience.
I could not make any of this up if I tried!!

Until next time, be brave and have fun meeting people! Take a chance, push aside your high-falootin’ ideals and see what gems you find in the rough.

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