As an exercise in positivity, 

I am making a list of the…

100 Things For Which I Am Thankful.

Today here are the first 25.

(Note: They are listed in no particular order, other than my rambling thoughts at the moment.)

1. My amazing parents.
2. My Christian heritage and upbringing.
3. A sister who is a close friend.
4. A brother who always keeps in touch.
5. The unconditional affection and joy from my dog.
6. My best friends, with whom I can laugh, cry, listen and belong.
7. Living on the west coast and a block from the ocean.
8. Being able to teach and learn from my co-workers.
9. My own place to live and wonderful landlords.
10. A job that is not boring but full of creativity and always changing.
11. That all four of my nephews love their “Auntie”.
12. A good book to adventure in for a while.
13. The freedom to go to church and believe openly in my loving God.
14. My extended family, many of which feel as close as immediate family.
15. Board & Card Games!
16. Milk Chocolate!
17. A hot cup of tea in my favourite mug.
18. The feeling of excitement when I’m working on a new creative project.
19. My decent, comfortable and problem-free vehicle.
20. Autumn storms, wind, rain and waves.
21. Music that can calm, bring tears and fill me with joy.
22. The ease and speed I can access information, Google is great!
23. Finding the perfect pair of jeans.
24. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
25. Knowing how to properly use bobby pins.

      Definitely a random order!

        Watch for more updates to this list in the coming days.

        What are you thankful for?

        Start making your own list.
        (PS – It does wonders for your current state of happiness.)

        Here are the next segments of my Thankful Lists: #26-50, and #51-75