As an exercise in positivity, I am continuing to make a list of the:


100 Things 
for Which I am Thankful.

A year after I began this list, here are my next 25. 

Here are the other segments of my Thankful Lists: #1-25, and #51-75

(Note: They are listed in no particular order, other than my rambling thoughts at the moment.)

26. watermelon without seeds
27. digital books (so many at my fingertips!)
28. classical music (Karl Jenkins & Tchaikovsky)
29. easily accessible photos and videos of puppies

30. my new niece…and how she has my nose
31. my mom’s homemade scones
32. gifts or cards for me left on my desk at work, just because
33. watermelon with seeds…if anyone around is in the mood for a seed fight!
34. bosses that pull the best out of me
35. Irish movies (Secret of Roan Innish, PS I Love You, Leap Year, War of the Buttons etc)
36. documentaries about…anything
37. Etsy!!
38. snow, whenever it falls
39. getting to know extended family much better
40. the noisy but pretty birds that make quite the racket every morning
41. real paper books…the smell, the feel, the pages…
42. access to excellent medical care, supplies & medication
43. encouragement from unexpected sources
44. evening park walks with my dog
45. meeting so many amazing people during last year’s market season
46. friends of all different types who all understand a different part of who I am
47. clodhoppers
48. all the amazing stories I’ve learned about my ancestors
49. my natural hair colour
50. that I am a NERD GIRL!

Definitely a random order!

Watch for more updates to this list in the coming days.

What are you thankful for?

Start making your own list.

(PS – It does wonders for your current state of happiness.)