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I hope I am willing.

I hope that I can let go of the bonds that hold me tied to the earth and trust that there is a good and prosperous plan to help me soar.

Sometimes I feel like a grumpy child, pouting in the corner, arms crossed, not at all will to go r come or do this or that.

I just want to sit in my funk and not do anything.

It’s so very difficult to remove myself from that state of mind.

But I think, that if I am willing…simply willing, God can and will take my hand and lead me forward.
Lead me out of the mire and up onto solid ground.

If I am willing, not struggling against Him, He can help me to soar and reach for lofty dreams and goals that I couldn’t even see down in that pit of self-loathing and gloom.

But the first step is my own.

I have to be willing to reach out.

I have to be willing to look up and beyond myself.

I have to be willing to put my hand out and risk no hand reaching back.

But He will help me. I know He will.

He has many times over.

He is always willing to love me back.