Join me for a series on my blog entitled “Dear Date…” 
where I share my insights and anecdotes into the exciting and often frustrating world of dating.


Previously on my “Dear Date…” series:
“I’m in my 30s, single and a Christian. The dating pool is so very small. It’s difficult to meet people. Communication is Important! Internet Dating Dos & Don’ts.  Venue & Conversation Tips. And the most important…First Lesson: Have a Job.”

There, you are all caught up, or you can go back to read my previous episodes and have a good chuckle.

It’s been 2 years since my last “Dear Date” post and I can actually say that I am refreshed and rejuvenated from that little hiatus in dishing out the details of decent dating dos and don’ts.

I will also admit that I have let lapse whatever internet dating sites I was previously on and subscribed to.
I needed a break from the constant window shopping and judging on both sides of the computer monitor.
This is not to say that I won’t ever try internet dating again, just not at the moment.

In the meantime, I’ve done a bit of introspective work in setting my own goals and getting my own heart in the right place to go forward into the world of singleness.

I’m not 100% certain, but perhaps 92.3% sure that I am, in fact, quite ready to  be in a relationship with someone.


Looking back, I was not at all ready.
I was a poor personal communicator, I was a little too focused on what I didn’t have and not dwelling on all I should be thankful for, I wasn’t taking time to truly enjoy my life the way it was and I rarely made an effort to meet new people and make new friends outside of my small circle.

Lately, I am enjoying life much more and taking time to find joy over sorrow. I am having fun at both my job and my hobbies and I am trying to be an encourager and a can-do type of person. I am branching out of my inner circle of best friends and making an effort to hang out with new people and get to know some acquaintances much better…and having a blast at the same time!! (Bonfires & BBQs!!!)

Mostly, I’ve had a real and amazing experience with God over the past few months (I’m sure I’ll be sharing more on that soon), where He has taught me a few things and reassured me of many more.

I am daily seeking to find JOY and taking steps to try and be much more BRAVE than I used to be.

As far as dating is concerned, yes, I am still trying to find a good catch in small pool consisting of datable, single, Christian men, but I am not worried or anxious. I am TRUSTING God to lead me and direct me as I do my part to BE MYSELF.

So, “Dear Date”, today my advice to you is the same advice I have needed: 

  •  Seek JOY in your life. Joy in the things that make you happy and joy in the little bits of life that we tend to gloss over and look past. 
  • Be BRAVE. Take a risk and hang out with some new people. Talk to some of them. Find out more about them and keep in touch. Do things that scare you a little and know that you CAN DO it! Or at least you can try!!
  • BE YOURSELF. You don’t ever have to be anyone else, just BE YOU, but be you fully alive! 
  • Lastly, some advice that I need to be reminded of daily – If you believe in God, TRUST Him and let Him be your ALL. He knows the deepest desires of your heart and if you seek him first He will reward you with amazing things!

 To all you single people out there, have an excellent day, week, month, year and may your journey be full of fun, laughter, challenges and may you be on your way towards amazing relationships!!

(* As always, these amazing illustrations are courtesy of one of my favourite websites: