Totally random photo of me & a moose.

All my life I’ve been a bit scattered, random, unorganized.

Whether it was playing with toys as a child, with stuffed animals, My Little Ponies and Barbies strew all over my room as I moved from one game or puzzle or idea to the next, or as teen in school, I always had homework mixed with reading books for fun and side projects always on the go.

I’ve even often seen myself as a “starter” and never a great “finisher” since I always seems to love new ideas and jump around from project to project.

Even my exciting new craft room in my new house has been full of my supplies and containers for a whole year with no sense of organization or coherence.
One day I will get to it and sort it all out. For now, I dig for what I need and dream of a pretty, sorted, clean and put-together craft room where I can instantly find anything I need.

However, I am trying to be more organized.

In the past year I have started and finished (or continued) a few of my dreams…

1} To make and sell my own jewelry at a summer market (read all about it here) 

2} I have been a bit more consistent with updating this blog.

Starting this month I am creating a schedule for myself so I can keep myself organized and on task with my goals for giving you fun and interesting blog posts.

This schedule is being assisted by a freebie my good friend Laura offered to me. She makes herself pretty monthly blank calendars for her own blog scheduling and gives them away to whomever would like one.
This month, I prompted her to post it to her blog as a free printable and she did!
So here you go, a free July calendar printable for you to use for whatever.

If you are a sleuth, you’ll notice I’ve already missed one!

3} I also wanted to have some goals for this summer for fun activities and plans that would push me a little further passed my comfortable stay-at-home-or-only-around-the-same-people-I-know zone.

I found this wonderful “How To Summer” list printable and started filling it out with fun ideas and plans I could do this summer.

Easy instructions on how to make a gif like this.

You may notice there are a few ideas on my summer list that would involve a groups such as BBQs, Bocce, Hikes etc. Maybe you can join in!!

Hopefully these tools will help me be less scattered and more organized.
There is always room for self-improvement and I know being organized will help me finish my personal goals and move on to new, exciting plans!

Today’s Question: What are some of your summer plans?