Sometimes I really want to own a Time Machine.
Or a magic wand to alter the past.
Or a blackboard I can erase and wipe my personal slate clean.

Some days or weeks are just begging to begin again, to start over, new and fresh, full of better possibilities.

I know I can’t go back and change the past.

With a few clicks on the internet I can try and delete and reorder and change things in the digital realm, however what’s said has been said, and what’s typed and seen lives forever.

I know I can’t change the past…but some days I really wish I could.

Sometimes it’s a moment or a chance, once gone, gone for good.
Sometimes it’s a conversation taken the wrong way.
Sometimes it’s news you wish to un-hear or an event you wish didn’t have to happen.
Whatever it is, it’s done, gone, said.

So. What can I do now?

I can learn.

Learn from a mistaken word.
Learn from what not to say.
Learn from what I could’ve said more clearly.
Learn that I am not in control.
Learn to trust.
Learn to forgive.
Learn to be more brave.

I can learn a lot from studying the past.

Maybe I need to become a better student.

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