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As a youngest child I made my own fun a lot of the time.

I made up games, created interesting story lines for my toys, I used whatever I found outside to make a fort or something to play with.

When I wasn’t by myself, I always had a friend or two, or a cousin or a sibling to play with.

I even had no problem walking up to kids I didn’t know at a park and asking them to play.

I always felt like I belonged.

Somewhere along the way the darker side of life intervened and tried to push me to the outskirts of belonging.

I was teased, I was bullied.

I cried, I got angry.

But somehow, by some miracle I always belonged with someone.

I had a wonderful family to spend time with.
I had fun neighbourhood kids to play with until it got dark outside.
I had a church family full of girls and boys I could feel at home with anytime.

No matter what darkness pushed against me, I always belonged in some circle.

Later in my high school years, I felt like a part of every small group my friendship circles had broken into.

They never pushed me away even if they pushed against others.
I am grateful for that.

The twinge of loneliness may come and go, but I have many, many groups of family and friends to which I am so thankful I belong.