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We all bloom differently.

Some of us bloom early.

We know what we want, we know who we are or we have it mostly figured out and we go get it.  We stick with this early conquest and make it work, make the best of it, make it flourish and grown.

Others bloom sporadically.

We want this, so we chase after it. Then we want the next new thing, so we chase again and again, growing in character and experience all the while. Narrowing down what it is we really want again and again. Steadily expanding our knowledge and learning as we go,

The rest of us are late bloomers.

We don’t want to grow. We want to stay young, like the early bright green shoots. We don’t know what it is we are going to grow into and these early stages seem to linger and last forever.
We stretch and try to bloom but it just never happens. We branch out, try to learn, to live up to the rest of the garden’s splendor, but we are still small and green and tender, easily pinched or broken.

We may need a stake or a lattice, something strong to hold us up so we can be all we were meant to be. We reach upwards, longing for that day when the gaze of all will behold the wonder that is our fruit.

Then one day, it happens.

We realize that we are not blooming like the others. We don’t have fancy flowers bursting forth, or tropical delicacies hanging from our branches.

We have roots. Our blooming has gone one underneath the rich, dark soil.

We may not be fancy or tall or colourful, but we’ve grown something unseen. When the Gardener comes along to collect His bounty, ours will be a carefully nourishing food that we have cultivated and fed from the sunlight and water from above.

We will bloom.
A different kind of bloom.
A bloom that it isn’t always admired, but is needed and cherished by the grateful.

We are all different.

We all bloom differently.