I took my dog for a late evening walk last night as the sun was setting and the air was growing cool.
I had every intention of making it a quick walk, to let my little mongrel run around, chase some birds or bunnies down the trail and head back home, but once I was out, inhaling the fresh summer air and listening to the sweet, soft sounds of birds and ducks at dusk, I had to keep walking and document some of the countless moments of beauty that I came upon.

I am SO excited for the blackberry season to begin! This year I hope to harvest LOTS. This trail near my house is just loaded with berries ripening up. These were the very first few that were ready. So sweet and tangy!
I’m not sure what this is, weed or flower? I can’t seem to identify it yet. It’s very small and dainty.  
Though Morning Glory is a weed, its’ blooms were practically glowing white in the dimming dusk light.
Also a weed, Queen Anne’s Lace has always caught my eye. Right now they are prolific all along the sides of paths and roads. They do look like lace and I love when they curl upwards making a nest-looking shape.
Willow looks like she’s taking time to smell the Lace!

As the light was dimming it was time to head home.
Willow has learned how to “stay” in a nice pose for a good path shot.

Honestly, I want to frame this one. The light was dappling these grasses making the field so pretty.
There was no wind, this was just how the grass was laying.

Sometimes all it takes is a few extra moments to look closely at the world around us to see beauty in every little blade of grass, every blossom, every insect or bird.

Beauty is all around us.

We live in such a beautiful world.

I truly felt God leading me to see that these little, insignificant things are all strokes from His own paintbrush of life. And if God cares about them, the birds and the flowers, how much more does He care about me and about you?