As an exercise in positivity, I am continuing to make a list of the:

100 Things for Which I am Thankful.

(Note: They are listed in no particular order, other than my rambling thoughts at the moment.)

51. the feel and smell of soil while gardening
52. lots of ice for my glass of water
53. the ability to sing, to share my voice in worship music, even if my ears are the only ones that hear
54. quality time with my family during our annual summer vacation
55. finding an item that I can actual eat on this crazy healthy plan!
56. fresh, ripe summer cherries
57. good friends I can hang out with and be silly
58. good friends I can talk to about anything
59. though I may have said it before, my loving parents!
60. waking up and remembering a dream in vivid detail, even if it’s a weird one
61. how cool (in temperature) my home is on a hot summer’s day
62. mini golf! I need to play more!
63. finding a dairy-free, gluten-free, naturally sweetened sorbetto gelato
64. also finding some awesome cool treats I can have called Tea Pops!!
65. a crisp tart apple (McIntosh or Spartan are my favourites, Granny Smith in a pinch)
66. HUGE raspberries from local Gobind Farms, they always remind me of my grandparent’s house
67. the feeling of my dog all warm and cozy, sleeping on my foot right now!
68. precious hugs and kisses from my nephews and niece
69. getting an awesome DVD in the mail that I ordered online: “Descending”
70. Pinterest – a place to find ideas, recipes, inspiration and to link back to the original source
71. inspiring stories of missions projects that one day I hope to join. (Check out this blog.)
72. no bad sunburns for me this summer. I’m a lot smarter about using sunscreen than years past!
73. I never thought I’d say this…but Dark Chocolate!
74. finally getting in with a new, nice Doctor and a new, great Naturopath!
75. Mostly right now I am thankful for the continued JOY I strive towards every day. I know I have my moments and I know obstacles will get in the way sometimes, but I am trying to see the good, the positive and the joyful in everyday. I’m still choosing joy!

Definitely a random order!
Watch for more updates to this list in the coming days.

What are you thankful for?  

 Start making your own list.  

(PS – It does wonders for your current state of happiness.)