((This month, a blogger I enjoy reading (brittanyherself.com) has set out some writing prompts for us fellow bloggers or writers to share our real-life stories. The theme for August is: Body Image, with 31 different topics to write about.))

Have you ever dined out, gone to a movie, or traveled alone?

Why yes, yes I have.

I never thought I would feel comfortable doing any of these things alone.

As time goes by and I find myself single as friends around me settle down into family lives, I find the prospect of getting out and doing things on my own less daunting and more exciting.

I’ve taken two larger trips to conferences alone. Traversing large airports by myself and managing to catch my flights. I have even rented vehicles on my own and made my way all over city of Dallas and enjoyed an afternoon at a Six Flags park on my own. (So Fun!)

A huge benefit at any amusement park is using the “Single Rider” line. At Six Flags I cut out hours of line waiting time by darting ahead in that special line and getting to the front of almost every ride!

Riding the “La Vipera” roller coaster at Six Flags, Dallas
– no track, just wheels and a tube!)

Sure, I would love to always have someone with me, to share in my experiences, to talk to, to laugh with.

However, if no one is available, I am quite happy to travel or seek out fun on my own.

I always manage to meet or chat with interesting people along the way.

I find solace in the crisp quiet of a hotel room all to myself.

This is me, in Dallas at the super cool Aloft Hotel.

I always get to do the things I want to do, shop where I want to shop et cetera.

Dining alone? Movies?
I don’t know if, aside from while traveling, I would venture out and dine in a nice restaurant on my own but I certainly have seen movies solo.

In fact, 15 minutes before a film started tonight I felt like going to a movie, so I did!
The parking lot was packed and line ups streamed out the doors but while walking from my car to the theatre, I quickly purchased a single ticket online and snagged one of the very last seats for that showing.
This time, if I had been with someone, we would not have sat together and probably wouldn’t have been able to even get in.

Sometimes going single has its’ perks!

I don’t mind being single at the moment.
I do enjoy the company of others, but I always enjoy my own company.

I’ll never let being single hold me back from anything I want to do.
The world is waiting to be explored, experienced and enjoyed and I just may have to venture out all on my own. And that’s just fine with me.

What about you?
Have you ever been brave enough to do something on your own??

I’d love to hear about it in the Comments!



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