Today I bring to you a sample of some of the weird & wonderful photos I’ve taken over the years. Some are of oddities and some are just magical. All are unedited and not at all enhanced.

This lot comes from my Summer of 2003 folder.
– First, a flight to Calgary for a friend’s wedding and family reunion of sorts.
– Then a road trip up to Smithers to visit family for their annual Fall Fair.


Weird personification of an automobile.
Flying over the Rocky Mountains. I never tire of a good window seat!

Downtown Calgary as seen from my family’s former property, the place where I grew up for my first seven years.

Dock off of Sylvan Lake.

Old-school 3D comics.

Some young cousins twirling for me.
Ginger, ready for her close-up!

I think the wee one has mistaken her dog for a horse at the Fair.

Traveling home from northern BC…cowboy country.

We also traveled through forest fire country at a bad time of year. Many hills were black and smoking.

One of my favourites. The smoky haze from the fires lends an eerie through the mountain passes. 

What are your favourites from this bunch?? 

Tune in next time for another episode of “Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays” or check out my “Scenic Sunday” series as well.

Ta for now!