Kilt Rock cliffs

Time for a whole day on the Isle of Skye, Scotland!

Agnes, my lovely B&B hostess made me an excellent full cooked breakfast: poached egg on toast, beans, two big pieces of juicy bacon, two yummy sausages, a little cooked tomato, orange juice and tea. I slept so well! My first real full nights sleep since arriving in the UK.

The other guests, a young Asian couple, weren’t up yet and Agnes finally had to go wake them up just to ensure they didn’t miss their tour bus. (A different tour from mine.) They came down as I was finished. Apparently they came in well after midnight and were noisy but I didn’t hear a peep.
I’ve brought a few of my handmade necklaces to give hosts and as I left I gave a silver wire birds best necklace with little blue bead eggs. Agnes LOVED the necklace!! Said she’d wear it right away and gave me a big hug. Lovely lady!! I’ll give her a great review online.
The bus picked me up and a few of the girls had changed around seats so I asked if I could sit in the “jump seat” in the very front right over the stairs. Mark said I could but gave me a disclaimer that usually staff only sit there. I was fine with that and love my new front seat!
We started our loop around the top of Skye. Stopping several times for photos at beautiful mountain ranges, waterfalls and sea cliffs. I’ve made friends with two girls from Canada, Kelly and Becca.
We also just stopped at a small grave yard where I got some amazing shots of beautiful Celtic cross monuments. Flora MacDonald, a famous Scotswoman was buried there. She helped Bonnie Prince Charlie dress as a woman and escape from the English after Culloden. Along with the celebrated fashion designer Alexander MacQueen. His family originated from here!
(read the manner of death)
We have the BEST guide and driver  in Mark! Him and I have been chatting up a storm. He’s a true stereotypical Scot! (Apparently the stereotype is a reality here. That’s just how they are!)
Absolutely gorgeous wild country! The carpet of pink heather isn’t quite out yet.They’ve  had a horrible spring and are about 2 weeks behind. But the mountains and waterfalls and little cute crofter farms are so neat to see up close!!
Kilt Rock
My new front seat is great. The bottom part folds up like a theatre seat but it’s quite comfy. I’m now like the hostess. Ushering everyone on board since I’m the last to sit.
We just had lunch in the little town of Portree. I went with Kelly and Becca (Canadians) and we traversed the entire small street and even down the ramp to the picturesque harbour but didn’t find anything good or with space to seat us. We went back up to near or bus to Cafe Arriba down a side street recommended by Mark. I had the seafood chowder. Very creamy with a fresh white bun and butter.
We stopped into a few little shops. I got two pretty postcards of Skye. Similar to the old rail promo style that I’ve picked up from other places like Oregon etc. I also got a tiny wee wooden highland cow figurine keepsake and a wee glass sheep. Oh and I’ve been looking for a pretty silver Celtic knot ring all week and found a gorgeous one that for me perfectly so I bought that as well. I’m pretty set!
I love this scenery way more than Ireland. So many beautiful sights around every corner!!!
This tour is amazing!!! I love being with one group. Silly me not wanting to do a big long tour. Ah well. This is working out swimmingly!!
As for the weather…Och it’s an absolutely fabulous day! Sun is shining, warm but a cool breeze at times. I certainly haven’t need a jacket at all today.
We backtracked off Skye to Castle Eilean Donun for a “comfort” stop. I got a postcard of the castle in ruins before it was restored, a neat cute book of Scottish fairy tales and some shortbread for a snack later.
Mark told us he had a surprise stop coming up and he pulled in to the car park at the junction to Inverness. We hopped out of the bus and he grabbed some sort of bag and headed towards a pasture fence. I gasped and guessed what he was up to! He called out and one of three gorgeous shaggy highland cows lifted his head and ambled over to the fence!! Mark opened the bags revealing carrots for us to hand feed the shaggy beastie. Awesome!! I had just been wishing we had seen some highland cows up close for a photo.
We arrived in Port Augustus. Lovely charming little town!!
Already I love our guesthouse—The Loch Ness Guest House.
I spent the evening with the foursome from California. (They are staying at my guest house along with the two Canadian girls.) Grandparents with their daughter and granddaughter. Super nice!!
Walked down to a recommended restaurant called The Boathouse right on the water of Loch Ness. Super good! I had their specialty the Boathouse Chicken. Lovely breast of chicken topped with gravy and haggis!! Along with smashed potatoes and fresh roasted veggies. It was really very good!!! And now I’ve had haggis!

And to top it all off the grandpa (forget his name) paid for all of us, including me!! So nice!!!!!!

Fort Augustus
We then strolled through the town back up to our guesthouse. The end of Loch Ness goes down a canal through the centre of town and you can sail your boats down the canal to a river and connect to the next Loch. So the town has about 6 river locks to get boats up to the river. Very neat.
Our guesthouse is gorgeous! An old stone house on the outside but a renovated, clean, crisp classy place inside. I have a double bed and my very own bathroom with a nice big shower! Yay!! Flat TV on the wall. And they have a huge lounge on the main floor with a fireplace, books, coffee, tea, apples, oranges and little fresh scones and jam all day!! We also get a continental or full hot breakfast. Lovely!
I watched a bit on tv and read then turned in for the night.
The next leg of our journey includes a castle, boat cruise on Loch Ness and the Culloden battlefield. Tell ya about it soon!!