This past weekend I had a fantastic time camping on a local Vancouver Island lake with a gaggle of friends, which included some NINE children.

As part of my contribution to the fun of our outdoorsy experience, I attempted to look up a fun scavenger hunt that the kiddos could try.
I found many interesting options, however some lacked a little discretion when it came to their intended audiences.

 No, I did not think it was appropriate or even safe for kids to be picking up shotgun shells or broken glass! Goodness me!

In the wake of my fruitless search for the perfect, age-appropriate nature game for my little pals, I whipped up my very own and shall now share it with the world.

Below you will find my version of a “Kids in Nature Scavenger Hunt”.

The only “rules” were that the items must not be taken out of any garbage containers and that you must find as many items as possible but you may not find them all.
Each child was given a small paper bag to collect their treasures and in return they showed me, the game’s judge/awards master, all their loot for a new bag full of treats.

The Hunt was eagerly anticipated and the kids ranged in age from just 6 to 9, I do believe. Some took off in pairs, some sought the help of  parent or two, and some even came up with ingenious ways of answering some of the hard-to-find items.

The Hunt was a hit and I will be hard-pressed to top it for next year’s campout!