In June of last year I traveled to the UK on a dream trip. My days in Scotland, and most notable on the Isle of Skye, were some of my favourite places for scenery and rugged beauty.

I had many preconceived notions of which areas I would fall in love with. I was certainly surprised that Scotland won me over way more than England or Ireland (though I loved my days in those areas, too!).

When a Facebook friend shared a whiskey video advertisement, located in Scotland on the Isle of Skye and made by two film students, I was immediately drawn to watching it.

I watched, I got all teary…then I had to go back and watch again and I got all choked up all over again.

Wow! Just wow!

Music, beautiful scenery, poignant words, people’s faces and relationships with one another can certainly have an impact on us in something so simple as a commercial.

Turn up the volume.
Pull up the video full screen.


Then watch again.

Kudos to Dorian Lebherz & Daniel Titz.

Did you see it?

Did you get it?

So good.

Side Note:

Many of the places in the video are places I walked or saw on my trip, Kilt Rock cliffs and the Old Man of Storr.

They also crossed the Sligachan Bridge in the video and I walked across that bridge on my first full day on Skye!

See photo comparisons below.