So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

The day of pink and red and candy and chocolate and hearts and Cupid and cards and flowers….or, for some of us, a day we remember that oh, yes, we are still single. Yay.

However, THIS Valentine’s weekend I have taken up a challenge…

the League of Adventurous Singles Take Back Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! (#loasvday on the instagrams)

Long title but totally NOT made up, I assure you!

At first it sounded pretty tame and fun and simple…I’d do a few funny things, snap a few photos and Voila, I’d have a splendid weekend.

The Hunt is actually proving to be a tad more challenging than I’d expected.

I ticked a few items off the list right away, easy things I could do at work yesterday or at home on my own. Today, though, the Hunt has got me stumped.

I am supposed to be going out into public, yes public, not on my warm and cozy couch, to be brave and vulnerable and do things that may embarrass myself or make me feel like a heel. The purpose is to break out of our comfort zone and maybe in the process use the excuse of Valentine’s Day to bring the love to someone else who might need their day brightened a bit.

So, after a rainy day indoors, wallowing in my alone-ness, I am treating myself to a late movie and I’m going to try and hand out some cute Disney Princess Valentine’s, with attached candy!

Yes, yes I will do it! Awkward or not, here I come world! (Well, here I come local movie theatre, and please don’t kick me out.)

PS – I’ve tagged the cards with this blog website address so maybe YOU are reading this because you received one of my silly little gifts. I hope it made you smile and didn’t cause any cavities. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!!!