I love where I live! Really, I do!
I know I’ve been reminiscing and writing a lot lately about my amazing international travels, but today I saw an amazing video that reminded me that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Whether you are surfing or watching storms in Tofino, soaking up some sun on the sandy beaches of Parksville or hiking along any one of thousands of excellent trails, Vancouver Island pretty much has it all.


Yes, this is a real photo from a real whale watching trip I went on with my cousin. Amazing experience!

I live in the city of Victoria, the capital city of the province of British Columbia, which is located on Vancouver Island, the most southwestern corner of Canada. See the map? Yep, way over there in the corner. We are actually right across the water from Port Angeles, Washington, US, and not too far from Seattle.

And yes, it truly IS and island. It’s over 500 times the size of Manhattan, NY with only half of Manhattan’s population! But we have trees, lots and lots of trees!

We have mountains, forests, waterfalls, adventure tourism, whale watching, beaches, rugged Pacific coastline and more.

Victoria is on the far bottom right of the island.

I’ve lived here since 1986 and it would be a very difficult decision to ever move away! I love the climate, quite mild and the summer usually don’t get too hot. Winters are cool but barely any snow and no, we don’t get as much rain as say, Vancouver or Seattle.

Here are a few of my favourite snapshots of places around where I live.

Here’s the awesome video by a guy named Tyler Cave, another local Victorian, who spent the summer exploring the Island and all the amazingly beautiful scenery. So many times I thought, wow, I live there!

If anyone from my distant circle of friends ever wants to come visit, I’ll be your tour guide…seriously.